Flexible Solutions

The first thing you should know about our truckload solutions is that we have more than 3,500 tractors and 9,000 trailers in our truckload freight fleet. But as you learn more, you’ll see that capacity — while critical — is not the sole advantage of using XPO's truckload carrier operations. You also get the benefit of:

  • Proactive technology — We take pride in solving most problems before they start. For example, if storms are forecast on a route, our technology alerts our fleet managers, dynamically rerouting our truckload drivers. We do everything possible to avoid delays – including rescheduling pickups to ensure on-time delivery.
  • High visibility — Our centralized operations are effective in streamlining the transport process, from monitoring loads to communicating with customers as frequently as necessary. You can also monitor your own loads by using the online customer tools we’ll provide to you.
  • Reliable capacity — We support our truckload network of more than 2,900 drivers with secure, overnight terminal locations and professional maintenance facilities. Their resources reinforce our ability to pick up and deliver on time.
  • Premier drivers — Only three out of every 100 applicants, on average, make the cut to driver for our truckload business. Safe, quality professional drivers are essential, and our goal is to make sure customers work only with the best of the best.
  • Integrated solutions — We work with companies of all sizes to help them run their supply chains more efficiently, and at lower cost, by utilizing multiple supply chain solutions through XPO. Monitor your loads through the Customer Connection at for all your web tool needs.

Regional Solutions

XPO’s regional truckload service is designed for short-haul shipments traveling less than 600 miles, or less than 100 miles in the case of cartage. We provide regional services in the 48 continental U.S. states.

Dedicated Solutions

XPO offers dedicated services tailored to your specific operating policies and shipping patterns. Our solutions include just-in-time delivery, local cartage and cross-border Mexico service, and can be customized to accommodate your preference for solo or team drivers.

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