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PRO Number Check-Digit

XPO Less-Than-Truckload PRO numbers are 9 digits.

MOD 7 Check Digit - The check digit is the last or ninth number of the PRO number. The first eight numbers are in sequence.

Example: XXX-XXXXXC (PRO number).

The check digit, or ninth number, will be 0 through 6, and will never exceed 6.

C = Check digit

The check digit is determined or verified by dividing the first eight digits by seven. The remainder of this division is the check digit.

Examples: Using a calculator, divide the PRO number minus the check digit by seven. The decimal remainder will determine the check-digit number.

The following table shows the check digit of each decimal remainder when dividing by seven:


Check Digit Remainder
0 (zero) none
1 .14
2 .28 or .29
3 .42 or .43
4 .57
5 .71
6 .85 or .86


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