XPO Report: The Impact of COVID-19 on Consumer Trends

2020 Coronavirus Consumer Survey Results: US and UK

Survey Results and Implications

XPO Logistics has released recent survey data from the US and the UK showing consumer trends during COVID-19 through May. Results indicate that 55% of respondents in the US and 56% in the UK worked on a DIY home improvement project during the pandemic. 


Omnichannel models are a secular trend in the retail industry. More than 50% of XPO’s survey respondents indicated that proper social distancing and cleaning would encourage them to shop in stores again. At the same time, a majority said they will likely continue buying a range of products online after the pandemic, including appliances and other large items.


The surveys were conducted by independent research firm Statista from May 20-28, 2020. The results reflect responses from adults in the US and the UK, age 18 and older.

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XPO surveyed 2,000 consumers — 1,000 each from the US and the UK — to see if buying behaviors had changed during the pandemic. We found some interesting new trends and some expected ones. Read the full report below.