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Keeping your freight moving efficiently between countries and continents, fully compliant

International scope, local expertise

Why Choose XPO?

XPO ships goods of all sizes and weights anywhere in the world while guiding freight across customs points, providing local oversight through an intercontinental network of dedicated offices

Forwarding services are integrated with our XPO Connect™ digital freight platform, giving you best-in-class transportation management of order entry, execution and tracking

Superior visibility with access to order details and shipping documentation, as well as automated customs filings with government agencies


We have international experts in place who know the culture, speak the language and can get things done thousands of miles from your desk.

Ship with cargo sailing towards a port
XPO shipping container being added to other XPO shipping containers


We have domestic market experts covering hundreds of hubs across North America, with immediate access to services based on your criteria for speed, economy and custom solutions.

XPO Connect

In an increasingly complex ecosystem for global trade, XPO Connect simplifies supply chains and gives global shippers a competitive edge.

XPO employee with Connect route map on computer
XPO employee using forklift to move pallets with boxes

Warehouse Management

XPO Global Forwarding has a total of 291,120 square feet of warehousing space across North America in 11 cities. Specific warehouse locations can offer a range of features including, but not limited to, FDA-certified food storage, specialized racking and hazmat handling.