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Focusing on customer partnerships with a large national footprint and US-Mexico cross-border service

Domestic Rail Service

An asset-based company focused on delivering a great customer experience with visibility to freight movement, along with advanced technology and successful long-term rail partnerships.

What is Intermodal Rail?

Intermodal rail transportation is the use of rail in the intermodal process. For example, if you're shipping from Los Angeles to Savannah, one intermodal solution is to put the freight in a domestic container picked up by a freight truck and put onto a train. When the freight is near its destination, it's removed from the train and put on a truck again, which ferries it to its final destination. 

Domestic Rail Transportation

We’re a top intermodal rail transportation provider in North America and offer you one of the most accessible rail transportation solutions. XPO’s domestic rail transportation is a large part of our intermodal operations. Your long-haul freight will move over one of the largest intermodal networks serving the US, Mexico and Canada, with the majority of rail service arranged with Union Pacific and CSX.

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