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End-to-end execution focusing on additional services customers need

Value-Added Services

Elevate your product move with incremental services such as private chassis programs, container storage in secured locations or transloading services that deliver a full end-to-end experience.

Cross-Border Mexico and Canada

Crossing the border with freight can be a serious hassle, but because of our relationships on both sides of the borders, moving cross-border with us is much smoother. Should an unavoidable delay occur, we'll move any time-sensitive freight to our expedited services or draw on our freight forwarding network. This ability to switch from one mode to another in unpredictable circumstances is a unique advantage of using XPO as your intermodal provider.


Transloading is the process of moving a shipment from one mode of transportation to another. Leveraging immediate available capacity and expedited time savings through routing at the port of entry are some of the benefits of transloading vs. intact shipping. XPO serves as your end-to-end transportation provider, brokering or expediting the OTR container load for you.

Dedicated Chassis Solutions

We provide private/dedicated international chassis solutions for customers seeking safe, reliable equipment that enhances dray service and efficiency at a fixed cost. Our solution is an alternative to the usual reliance upon shared chassis pools which generally offer lower-quality, older assets at a higher cost with varying availability. The vast majority of XPO’s chassis are new(er) assets equipped with radial tires, LED lights and advanced safety warning systems. Customers benefit from this solution by ensuring safe and reliable chassis availability at a fixed cost.

Container Storage and Management

We provide secure container yard storage and management services which include container and chassis storage, equipment management and container lift services. Customers benefit from these solutions by reducing exposure to port and rail detention and lift charges, metering of inbound and outbound container flows and flexible yard capacity for core operations.

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