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Leverage XPO's Last Mile Hub Network for faster, easier delivery

Forward Stocking

At XPO, we use speed and efficiency to make sure our customers can keep their promises to consumers. Forward stocking allows us to manage your inventory more efficiently leveraging our technology and facilities to prepare for spikes in demand by keeping stock in metro markets. Integrate our forward stocking capabilities with your inventory management plans today, and see its value for all your heavy good fulfillment needs tomorrow.


By using XPO Connect™, our proprietary digital transportation platform, for full-time tracking, we're able to shorten fulfillment time. And that's not all. With innovative warehousing solutions and an XPO owned and operated network, we can decrease your transportation costs. Let us save you time and money.



With over 90 XPO owned and operated hubs at our disposal, we offer full North American coverage both in the US and Canada. This allows your delivery offerings to be large-scale, dependable and fast. Because of our proprietary Warehouse Management Technology, built for big and bulky items, XPO can offer you the speed and visibility needed to meet customers’ demands.

XPO boxes in a warehouse preparing for transport