Heavy Goods Expertise

Leader in Heavy Goods

Deep expertise across the heavy goods sector, including big and bulky appliances, furniture, home electronic systems, mattresses and fitness equipment, as well as builders’ doors and windows with services to match needs.

Forward Stocking

Stock high volume unallocated SKUs in metro market regions using our last mile hubs to ensure speedy delivery to your customers. Leverage our XPO Connect technology to provide a full tracking experience. Minimize transportation risks by being closer to the customer.

Returns Management

Did you know that 10% of big and bulky purchases are returned? These returns require expert handling. Use XPO’s hub network as your regional returns management centers. Let us handle reconsignment and product grading to reduce environmental impact.

Assembly Services

We know some products can’t ship fully assembled. That’s where our team comes in to help. Use our network to extend the offerings you provide to your customers, including assembly.

Complex Installs

Not all installs are alike. We know this and work with our network to provide you with specialists that can get the job done. From plumbing to electrical, we can find the right coverage to handle your product’s needs.

End-to-End Solutions

Have us create a tailored end-to-end solution for your big and bulky supply chain needs using the full offering of XPO transportation modes. From container direct to delivery or customs brokerage, we can work to increase speed to your consumer and help you with your just-in-time business model. Gain end-to-end visibility using our XPO Technology that covers your team all the way to delivery at the consumer’s location.