Managed Transportation

Expect your costs to decrease and efficiencies to increase when we customize transportation solutions for you.

XPO Logistics is a top five global provider of managed transportation services. Our fully customizable suite of services can help you reduce your transportation costs, increase efficiencies and enhance flexibility in rapidly changing market conditions. We provide comprehensive managed transportation solutions to clients in the aerospace and government, agribusiness, automotive and industrial, chemical, consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, healthcare, oil and gas and technology sectors.

XPO will work alongside you to identify opportunities for cost and labor efficiencies, such as the elimination of redundant costs, stronger communication practices, and actionable reporting, while minimizing your investments in equipment, software, facilities and personnel.

We provide full door-to-door visibility into order status, generate reports on schedule or on demand, analyze shipping patterns, and keep scorecards of service quality. We also provide audit and freight-pay activity. Our solutions have consistently outperformed as measured by inbound purchase orders and claims, and vendor chargeback notifications. Our solutions provide unparalleled management of your inbound purchase orders and claims, as well as vendor chargeback notifications. Our reporting and dashboard capabilities provide KPI tracking and an accurate assessment of your actual freight spend.

After implementation, and throughout our collaboration, XPO’s logistics experts will continue to review your operations to realize further efficiencies and reduce costs.

Comprehensive capabilities include:

  • Process management
  • Carrier management
  • TMS services
  • Dynamic optimization
  • Web-based portals for clients, carriers and suppliers
  • Network optimization
  • Shipment visibility
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Performance measurements
  • Freight audit and payment
  • Claims management
  • Vendor management
  • Strategic collaboration

Case Study

A large cooperative of dairy farmers turned to XPO to improve service levels, shorten the time from order to delivery, and reduce the carbon footprint of its inbound and outbound transportation.