Public Warehousing

General and specialized sites for the secure storage and expert management of inventory.

With the second largest warehouse network in the world, XPO Logistics is a global leader in the storage, handling and tracking of goods. By using an XPO public warehousing solution for your short- or long-term needs, you can shift from fixed to variable costs with seasonal flexibility, supported by a highly experienced operations staff.

In the United States, we have a large network of general storage warehouses, as well as specialized facilities for chemical and food-grade products. Our public warehouse teams understand the nuances of the industries they serve, including regulatory compliance, date/lot code tracking and other critical handling processes. Additionally, we can integrate our systems with yours to provide increased visibility into your inventory.

If you operate in any of these U.S. regions, we can provide you with specialized storage for:

Chemicals – Southwest, Gulf Region, Northeast, Midwest

  • Hazmat-certified sites
  • Non-hazardous goods storage
  • Toxic, corrosive, oxidizer and flammable goods storage
  • Agricultural products and seed storage at select sites
  • Cooler space
  • Refrigerated space
  • Racked and bulk capacity

Food-Grade Products – Southwest, Northeast, Midwest

  • Ambient storage
  • Temperature-controlled storage
  • Freezer space
  • Cooler space
  • Rail access at select sites
  • FDA-audited facilities
  • AIB-audited facilities
  • Racked and bulk capacity


Case Study

A leading manufacturer of bottled-water brands sought to strengthen its supply chain by pre-arranging warehouse capacity for seasonal production increases.