Managed Transportation

XPO is the largest provider of web-based expedite transportation management in North America. Our robust TMS technology captures and broadcasts shipment requirements within minutes of receiving an automated or manual order entry. Load assignment, GPS and cellular track and trace, proof of delivery, detailed invoicing and reporting are all executed by our proprietary software.

We’re also incredibly fast. Our system can access over 700 qualified carriers in minutes to keep facilities operating in the face of supply chain disruptions. A full 98% of the shipments we managed in 2015 were sourced in less than 24 minutes. This level of responsiveness has been built into our technology over more than 20 years of continuous development. The speed, accuracy and flexibility of our applications are key reasons that many of the world’s most exacting shippers think of us first for expedite.

We’re also responsive when it comes to cost effectiveness. When we spot repetitive freight patterns, we can often be proactive in negotiating set rates. And when any shipment is entered for bid, our system not only selects the optimal mode (ground, air freight or air charter) but also selects the optimal vehicle size. The carrier who accepts the load will only be paid for the specified equipment, even if he enters a higher rate based on a different kind of vehicle. These are just two examples of how our software design is strongly customer-centric.

Most important are our data and our people. Every required field during order entry becomes reportable data. We can report on origins, destinations, carriers and many other actionable points, including event and exception management in real-time. Time-critical shipments have our experienced eyes on them at all times – from bidding to booking to transit and delivery, and finally through data analysis.

Additional Managed Services

Total transportation management

  • Expert management of time-critical ground expedite, air freight and air charter shipments
  • A full suite of services for time-sensitive shipments including truckload, specialized and container moves

Process compliance

  • Online forum that enables customers to properly allocate excess transportation costs for out-of-process shipments

Value-added services

  • 24/7/365 support from our team of highly trained logistics coordinators
  • Supply chain data intelligence
  • Online invoicing
  • EDI/XML capabilities
  • Carrier excellence program