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XPO Logistics intermodal provides rail and drayage solutions and container capacity in the U.S., Mexico and Canada

XPO provides you with 53’ domestic containers, 40’ and 45’ international containers, and ramp and port drayage in one seamless solution.

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XPO is the third largest intermodal provider in North America. We have major container capacity: approximately 9,500 53-foot domestic containers, over 115,000 additional large and small boxes on call, service at more than 80 ramps, and a drayage presence at every key port and intermodal facility across the country. Our team will work closely with the railroads and independent truckers to move your freight door-to-door over one of the largest intermodal networks serving the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

There are good reasons why intermodal is a fast-growing mode of transportation. We can look at your shipping patterns and see where your opportunities lie.

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Door-to-Door Solutions

One of the largest intermodal networks in North America.

Cross-Border Mexico

30-year leader in cross-border freight movements by rail.
405 miles
the distance one ton of freight can move by rail on a single gallon of diesel fuel.

Large Drayage Capacity

A seamless shift to trucking at either end of the rail or port.
XPO Logistics has consistently performed for our Integrated Supply Chain in cost, capacity and service. We appreciate their extraordinary efforts with intermodal transportation, which helped us drive direct service benefits to our customers."
Jim Keppler, Vice president, Whirlpool Corporation Integrated Supply Chain and Quality.

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Intermodal headquarters:
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