Cross-Border Mexico

XPO has 30 years’ experience managing cross-border freight, with an extensive organization in both Mexico and the United States, highlighted by personnel at key Mexico rail ramps to simplify the complexities of international freight. We utilize our longstanding relationships with the railroads, ramp operators and drayage drivers on both sides of the border to make sure that rail is not only more cost efficient for you than trucking, but also more seamless for imports and exports.

Manufacturers, in particular, need a reliable cross-border provider with the deep resources of XPO. Billions of dollars are being invested in near-shoring so that manufacturers can locate in Mexico and gain labor efficiencies and speed-to-market. As high volumes of raw materials and parts flow into Mexico, and finished goods flow out, our intermodal capacity will continue to be a supply chain staple.

Should an unavoidable rail delay occur, XPO’s cross-border experts in expedited and global forwarding will move quickly to clear your freight through customs and navigate any challenges. Our ability to pivot from one service to another in unpredictable circumstances is a unique advantage of using XPO.

México headquarters:
Armando Birlain Shaffler 2001
Corporativo Central Park
Torre 1 – piso 6 oficina A
Col. Centro Sur
76090 Queretaro, Qro.
Ph: +52 (442) 290 5300