Customer Assurance Technology

XPO Logistics last mile technology

Today’s consumers expect to be kept informed from purchase to delivery. XPO’s state-of-the-art systems provide a constant flow of useful information throughout the shipment, with tools that are easy to use:

  • User-friendly mobile and web-based tracking tools let your customers self-monitor their orders.
  • Automated appointment verifications and delivery notifications transmit via phone, email and text messaging.
  • GPS tracking shows you and your customers the physical location of items in transit.
  • Voice integration technology gives consumers the ability to track their purchases using Amazon Echo or Google Home.
  • Coming soon: augmented reality so consumers can visualize exactly where they want their purchases to be placed inside their homes.
  • Alerts advise us if an issue arises during the lifecycle of your shipment, so that we can respond quickly.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys take place within minutes of delivery to provide rapid feedback and escalate any problems for prompt resolution.
  • Proactive exception reporting alerts you to issues within one hour or less.
  • Metrics and survey responses become tools for continuous improvement within your operations.

Desktop Technology Solutions

XPO’s desktop solutions can greatly simplify your management of the last mile process. Our software integrates information related to your delivery providers, in-house resources and customer base on one platform. This is an important advantage, because customers have greater confidence in brands that use state-of-the-art technology to enhance their experience.

In addition, our desktop solutions can reduce the rate of not-at-home instances, and improve collaboration between your business locations. Multiple locations within one company can use our tools to control last mile activities across your range of resources in real time:

  • Integrated status reporting is available by carrier, individual delivery and delivery locations.
  • Advanced online entry, street-level geocoding and UPC barcode creation optimize order management.
  • Real-time transaction processing, mobile connectivity, digital signature capture and proof of delivery enhance brand protection.
  • iPhone and Android applications interface for multi-platform access.