Direct Network Solutions

The most accessible pay-per-use, heavy goods last mile logistics solution in the business.
XPO logistics last mile logistics for heavy goods

With the growth of e-commerce, customer expectations are more demanding than ever – making your last mile supply chain critical to your company’s success. As the largest last mile logistics provider for heavy goods in North America, we offer pay-per-use, last mile solutions that are fast, reliable and affordable.

No Volume Requirements

Direct Network Solutions is XPO’s pay-per-use last mile service between all zip codes in the continental United States. Our variable rate structure is flexible and cost effective:

  • No minimum orders or volume restrictions
  • No contract obligations
  • No mileage restrictions

Each shipment stays with quality, licensed motor carriers from start to finish. This enhances quality control and eliminates time-consuming hand-offs. On average, Direct Network Solutions shipments get to customers anywhere from one to five days faster than with most other providers.

High Caliber, Professional Service

XPO’s white glove service options for last mile include:

  • Delivery and set-up in your customers’ room of choice
  • Professional assembly and installation
  • Thorough cleanup, including removal of any used merchandise
  • Efficient fulfillment through online ordering, route optimization and load planning
  • Customer feedback surveys conducted within 15 minutes of delivery, with permission from the customer
  • Independent motor carriers that are prompt, professional and courteous
  • Immediate visibility into every step of the customer’s last mile experience

Three Key Differences

XPO is a top ten global provider of transportation and logistics. When you use us for last mile services, you benefit from our world-class technology, capacity and business processes:

  1. Proprietary Technology – Our entire last mile process is technology-enabled, with a robust delivery management system and mobile solutions that instill quality control.
  2. Carrier Sourcing – We identify, qualify and contract with some of the industry’s most highly regarded motor carriers in the last mile space.
  3. Service Guarantee – We deliver on our promises, and offer a straightforward guarantee of customer satisfaction.

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