Heavy Goods

XPO has the physical scale, capacity and expertise to solve the crucial last mile piece of the retail supply chain for heavy goods: furniture, cabinets, appliances, fitness equipment, electronics, medical equipment and other goods that are notoriously difficult to handle. Our 45 market delivery centers provide consistent service throughout the United States. Over 60% of the population lives within 75 miles of one of our market delivery centers and 77% lives within 125 miles.

Dedicated Solutions

XPO offers dedicated solutions for companies that want to outsource their market-based, last mile services while still ensuring brand protection. These solutions are available to companies with a steady volume of heavy goods delivery destinations in given markets. We’re seven times larger than our closest U.S. competitor in the heavy goods sector, and do business with seven of the top ten appliance retailers.

Our dedicated solutions are a convenient, cost-effective alternative to the cumbersome process of using multiple delivery carriers or operating a private fleet. You’ll be guaranteed year-long capacity – even during peak seasonality – with access to a range of value-added services that can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Direct Network Solutions

XPO offers the easiest pay-per-use, heavy goods logistics solution for last mile. We can facilitate service between all points in the continental United States. The variable pricing structure for this service has no minimum volume requirements and requires no contractual obligation.

Each transactional shipment stays with vetted, licensed carriers from start to finish. This eliminates the delays that arise from handing off to multiple local moving agents.

Assembly and Installation

With 485,000 complex assemblies and installations facilitated annually, XPO has a reliable infrastructure in place for in-home assembly and installation of your products. Our network of professional technicians can navigate the complex schematics of high-value goods such as appliances, furniture, electronics, fitness equipment, outdoor play sets and other products requiring specialized assembly and installation services.

Our last mile assembly and installation services include:

  • Hook-ups to existing gas, water and electrical supply lines
  • Comprehensive code compliance
  • Leveling and anchoring of products
  • Review of safe operation and product features with customers
  • Clean-up, including optional removal of replaced merchandise
  • After-hours service for business locations

For more information about XPO’s industry-leading technology tools associated with these services, please visit the Customer Assurance Technology page.