We share our customers’ commitment to protect the environment with greener supply chains.

Logistics processes are based on efficiency, which makes our industry environmentally friendly by nature. At XPO, the end-to-end supply chain solutions we offer numerous opportunities to help our customers achieve their green objectives. We’re also doing our part with operational efficiencies such as electronic waybills and documentation, office recycling policies and carrier education.


When we reduce a shipment's overall footprint, or place it on the optimal combination of modes, we limit its impact on the environment. From a transportation standpoint, one of the most fuel-efficient options we offer is intermodal.

Many shippers are surprised to learn that a one-ton load can travel an average of 405 miles by rail on a single gallon of diesel fuel. We’ve helped hundreds of customers lower their carbon footprint through intermodal by analyzing their freight patterns.

In addition, most of our ground transportation businesses are recognized as SmartWay® Transport Partners. XPO supports the SmartWay emphasis on logistical efficiency, driver training, automatic tire inflation systems, advanced lubricants, idling reduction and improved aerodynamics.

Awards and Recognitions: 

  • The French Ministry of the Environment and the French Environment and Energy Agency awards XPO the label “Objectif CO2” for outstanding environmental performance of our transport operations in Europe (2016) 
  • Inbound Logistics names XPO a Top 75 Green Supply Chain Partner (2016, 2017, 2018)
  • SmartWay® honors XPO for excellence in environmental improvement in North America (2015)

Supply Chain

XPO has systems in place to ensure that all activities, products and waste materials related to our contract logistics operations are responsibly managed to reduce environmental impact. Our rigorous environmental policies are evident in areas such as:

  • Recycling and waste reduction. Our facilities recycle paper, cardboard, plastic and electronic waste, and utilize an electronic document repository to reduce paper output. Our reverse logistics operations recycle millions of electronic components and batteries each year.
  • Energy efficiency measures. When we engineer a supply chain solution, we always seek to incorporate energy efficiency. For example, prior to selecting a building to lease, we perform a detailed evaluation that includes energy considerations. If renovations are needed, we purchase energy efficient equipment where practical.
  • Forklift emission reduction. We regularly monitor fuel emissions from the forklifts in our facilities, and take immediate corrective action if we feel a reading is too high. Our preventive maintenance program improves vehicle performance while maintaining air quality.
  • Distribution center practices. XPO packaging engineers ensure that the optimal carton size is used for each product, and where feasible, we purchase recycled packaging materials. We also design and manufacture reusable kitting tools for the installation of parts in our clients’ manufacturing operations.

On the all-important subject of compliance, we undergo independent audits at our facilities to confirm that we’re meeting all regulatory requirements. Our ISO14001 certification mandates that contractors receive appropriate training and are competent to ensure compliance.

SmartWay® is a partnership between the EPA and the freight transportation industry with the mutual goal of helping shippers, carriers and logistics companies improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.