Two Guaranteed Freight Delivery services

We understand how important on-time delivery is for you and your customers. Whether it’s a high-value, time-sensitive, or just-in-time shipment, our Guaranteed and Guaranteed by Noon delivery services give you the ultimate on-time performance.

When you choose Guaranteed or Guaranteed by Noon, you'll get:

  • Priority handling and care of your shipments
  • Enhanced network visibility
  • Flagging of shipment as top priority in our systems

Choose which service best meets your needs:

Guaranteed Service Guaranteed by Noon Service
Priority day-definite service Priority morning arrival
25% of linehaul charges, $60 minimum fee 35% linehaul charges, $150 minimum fee
Delivery by end of day Arrival by noon*

Check the Guaranteed box on the BOL


Write "Guaranteed" on the BOL

Write "Guaranteed by Noon" on the BOL


Ask for "Guaranteed by Noon" at the time of pickup


Should Carrier not tender or make the shipment available for delivery within the standard transit time and failure was not due to any of the reasons listed in the CNWY 199 tariff, Customer may file for a refund of the fee within 15 days of delivery on the Carrier’s website. View items 200 and 251 in the CNWY 199 tariff for complete details.

*Delivery to locations within 50 miles of the delivering LTL service center. Other exclusions may apply.