How to print shipping labels

Print Center

Visit the Print Center to print shipping labels

To print labels, follow these four steps.

* Note that labels can only be printed for BOLs that have had a PRO number pre-assigned to them.

Login to Starting from the Print Center tab at the top of the BOL screen:

  1. Choose the type of label you want to print: Shipping label or PAPS label.
  2. Select the BOL you want to print labels for. If you want to print labels for all of the BOLs displayed, select the All box at the top of the list.
  3. Select the start position for the label, then Continue.
  4. The label will appear in a new window. Review the label, then click Print.

Review the quick reference guide for additional details. 


What are the PRO label barcode specs for LTL with XPO?

2D PRO label: 8 large square 2D Data Matrix barcodes at 1.063” wide x 1.063” high. 2D Data Matrix Barcode format is 16 x 16 x 20.

1D Barcode labels: 2 barcode labels located at the bottom are Code: 39, 13.3 2.5:1. Linear codes at 2.188” wide x .313” high.

What type of labels do I need to use to print PAPs labels?

Use Avery Shipping Labels Laser 6871. There are 18 labels per sheet and the label size is 1 1/4" x 2 3/8". The labels should print fine on all laser printers and will hold up well in most situations. Inkjet printers can be used, but like anything printed on an inkjet printer, the labels will usually smudge if they get wet.

PRO label positions

Use the following font specs:

  • The larger human-readable PRO number 2D bar code is Arial Narrow 20 pt.
  • The smaller human-readable PRO number 1D bar code is OCR-A 14 pt.