New LTL Website Overview

At XPO, we're always working to provide the best LTL solutions for our customers. Thanks to feedback from customers like you, we're implementing new features and functionality to that will provide at-a-glance visibility to all your in-transit shipments.  

When you login to the new website, you'll see the following features in an all-new layout:

  • Shipment dashboard - giving you an at-a-glance overview of all your shipments in-transit
  • New template options for rate quote and pickup request - to give you an easy plug-in for repeat shipments
  • Easy 1-click access to tracking details, recent rate quotes and pickup requests

You'll still have all the core web tools you know, but you'll notice a few differences that will make them easier to use.

Review this quick reference guide for an overview of new features and functionality for the new