PRO Number Check-Digit

MOD 7 Check Digit - The check digit is the last or ninth number of the PRO number. The first eight numbers are in sequence.

Example: XXX-XXXXXC (PRO number), C = Check digit

The check digit, or ninth number, will be 0 through 6, and will never exceed 6.

The check digit is determined or verified by dividing the first eight digits by seven. The remainder of this division is the check digit.

Examples: Using a calculator, divide the PRO number minus the check digit by seven. The decimal remainder will determine the check-digit number.

The following table shows the check digit of each decimal remainder when dividing by seven:

Check Digit Remainder
0 (zero) none
1 .14
2 .28 or .29
3 .42 or .43
4 .57
5 .71
6 .85 or .86

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What are the PRO label barcode specs for LTL with XPO?

2D PRO label: 8 large square 2D Data Matrix barcodes at 1.063" wide x 1.063" high. 2D Data Matrix Barcode format is 16 x 16 x 20.
1D Barcode labels: 2 barcode labels located at the bottom are Code: 39, 13.3 2.5:1. Linear codes at 2.188" wide x .313" high.

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