API Rate Quote Special Services

To see if your Rate Quote for your shipment qualifies for any of our Special Services, you will need to pass the following parameter in your API call:


Example POST Link: 


This will return the following available services:

  • Volume Pricing - VSP
  • Guaranteed - GUR
  • Spot Quote - SQ
  • Guaranteed by Noon - G12
  • Rapid Remote Service - RRS

Here are the indicators of how they will show in the API Response:

            "vspApplied": false,

            "guarantdEligible": false,

            "sqEligible": false,

            "g12Eligible": false,

            "rrsEligible": false,

True will mean the service is available, False will mean its not available.

API Info Page - Link

Please send an email to LTLWebAPISupport@xpo.com with any questions about this service.