Where to Send My Payment

To ensure prompt processing of your payments, please submit them to the proper remittance address.

View and pay an LTL invoice online

Note: to view and pay invoices online, you must be a registered user for LTL.xpo.com and have financial access. Not registered? Register now.  If you are registered, contact us to request financial access.

Once you are registered AND have financial access, follow these steps to view and pay LTL invoices online.

  1. Login to LTL.xpo.com and click the Billing menu or the Accounts Payable call out box
  2. Review the list of invoices and their status
  3. Select the invoice you want to pay and click the Pay button
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter a credit card or ACH information
  5. You'll receive an on-screen confirmation the payment was successful and an email confirmation

To pay multiple invoices at one time, select the invoices you want to pay and click the Bulk Actions dropdown, then select Pay Invoices. View this Quick Reference Guide for assistance.

Sign-up for a list billing report to receive a consolidated report of new invoices and pay them online. View this Quick Reference Guide for instructions.

To pay by mail

In the US:

XPO Logistics Freight, Inc.
29559 Network Place
Chicago, IL 60673-1559

In Canada:

XPO Logistics Freight Canada, Inc.
c/o T10289C
P.O. Box 4918 STN A
Toronto, ON Canada M5W OC9

Sample invoice (pdf)
Sample invoice (Canadian) (pdf)
Generic Pro Forma Invoice Form (pdf)
Canada Commercial/Customs Invoice (pdf)
Mexico Commercial Invoice (pdf)
Learn about EIP (Electronic Invoice Presentment)
Contact Us to set up ACH/EFT

Electronic payment options

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), also referred to Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions, help you save time and money. This convenient payment method offers:

  • Cost savings by avoiding cost of issuing paper checks and wire transfer fees
  • Cash flow advantages because you can issue payment on the due date instead of issuing checks several days before to allow for mail time
  • Greener alternative to mailing and bank processing of checks
  • Safety and security due to a bank to bank transfer

For electronic payments, there are two options to choose from when sending in remittance advice:

  1. Transmit Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Set 820 Remittance Advice electronically. For more information visit: https://www.xpo.com/help-center/edi/.
  2. Send total amount of payment, invoices being paid, the customer name, address and contact information to XPO at EFT Remittance.