Top Five Q&As about Shipping LTL to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an island in the Caribbean with a rich bilingual culture and a unique economy, which makes it important to use an experienced freight partner when you ship goods there. If you’re exploring the Puerto Rican market for the first time, it’s helpful to know the questions that may arise and be prepared when it’s time to ship.


Here are XPO’s recommendations for the five most frequently asked questions about less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipments from the US mainland to Puerto Rico, based on our decades of experience:

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How will my LTL freight get to Puerto Rico?

Most LTL freight destined for Puerto Rico moves through a port. For XPO, that is in Jacksonville, Florida. At this gateway, cargo is loaded into secure ocean containers and transported via sea to our service center in Puerto Rico, just minutes from the San Juan port and located next to the Free Trade Zone. Here, your freight is removed from the containers and delivered to the consignees. Twice-weekly sailings are available.


Can I get door-to-door tracking?

Yes, most companies now have door-to-door tracking. With XPO, at the time of pickup, your shipment will be assigned a PRO tracking number that gets scanned along the shipment’s in-transit journey. You’ll have 24-hour visibility with online tracking, and also receive shipment notifications by email.


Will my shipment go through customs, and do I need a freight forwarder?

Puerto Rico is a US territory, so no customs broker is needed. Depending on who you work with, they can make all the arrangements for door-to-door movement of your freight to the consignees in Puerto Rico. If you are shipping to Puerto Rico from outside of the US, that would be a different situation and you may need further resources.


How many invoices should I expect?

Each company does this a little bit differently so this number can vary. However, XPO wants to make your shipping experience easier so we provide a single invoice reflecting all transportation-related charges, including:


  • Inland US freight charges to gateway port of exit
  • Ocean charges from port of exit to Puerto Rico
  • Bunker fuel surcharges (assessed by the steamship line)
  • Delivery charges within Puerto Rico
  • Document processing charges


Can I expect an on-island LTL service center?

Yes, some companies do have an on-island LTL service center. For XPO, our LTL service center is in San Juan and provides easy access to the port. Our staff has built strong relationships with port authorities and local vendors to ensure the freight we manage receives priority handling. This is key for timely delivery to the destination. We can also provide warehousing and other value-added services on-island, if needed. These types of value-added services are something to look for when you’re researching LTL services.


When you’re ready to ship

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