Time-Date Critical

Choose our Time-Date Critical service to meet delivery expectations of your retail partners and big-box distribution centers. When these shipments require a delivery window or appointment, or if they have a must-arrive-by date (MABD) our Time-Date Critical service helps you avoid chargeback fees levied on vendors.

Time-Date Critical LTL Service

Choose Time-Date Critical and get priority service to meet shipment delivery requirements with precision.

Avoid chargeback fees using our Time-Date Critical shipping service, ensuring your shipments arrive within the time frame or date range selected. Including:

  • One of the lowest flat fees in the industry
  • Delivery precision with retail and distribution partners
  • Reduced delays with secured delivery windows
  • Arrival of shipments within the time frame or date range you set

Indicate the service on your bill of lading (BOL) by writing Deliver on date or Deliver between dates. It’s that simple.

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